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I help individuals and teams move from a place of wholeness, clarity, and freedom.

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What People Are Saying

"With a unique knowledge of wisdom practices and the Bay Area outdoors, and a gift for creating a special container that helped me get to greater internal clarity, Spencer's facilitation is highly recommended for anyone seeking to connect deeper to their purpose and how this purpose might be expressed."

Premal Shah
President, Kiva.org

"Spencer has been incredibly dynamic and grounding for me as a leader. He has helped me make sense of both personal and professional challenges, change old mindsets, and to trust my own inner sense of direction as a leader. His support through coaching myself, coaching our directors, and delivering team trainings has allowed our organization to unlock team potentials for collaboration, efficiency, and joy that have allowed us to enter a newer, bigger phase."

Patty Padilla
CEO, 196Live

"You bring a holistic approach, and an awareness to self, surroundings, and experience that is quite unique, nice, and refreshing. Afterwards, I felt much more open, aware, confident, excited, and at peace."

Erin Coburn
Chief Officer of Digital Media, NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

"I've had the great pleasure of participating in a number of sessions led by Spencer Honeyman. As a facilitator, he is both playful and grounded. He also manages to strike a balance between structure and flexibility that provides clear direction while also allowing groups to move in an organic direction."

Carlin Getliffe
Co-founder, X Genesis Startup Studio

"This training has brought me richness and depth, connecting the practical and spiritual, allowing me to be more present and aware, do better work, and be more authentic. What a gift, thank you Spencer Honeyman, for this opportunity, for leading by example, and for curating this exceptional leadership program."

Bas Kools
Co-Founder, Geoship

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