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What People Are Saying

"With a unique knowledge of wisdom practices and the Bay Area outdoors, and a gift for creating a special container that helped me get to greater internal clarity, Spencer's facilitation is highly recommended for anyone seeking to connect deeper to their purpose and how this purpose might be expressed."

Premal Shah
President, Kiva.org

"I've had the great pleasure of participating in a number of sessions led by Spencer Honeyman. As a facilitator, he is both playful and grounded. He also manages to strike a balance between structure and flexibility that provides clear direction while also allowing groups to move in an organic direction."

Carlin Getliffe
Co-founder, X Genesis Startup Studio

"This training is for anyone looking to expand your consciousness of group dynamics. The content is rich, full of sweet nuggets and the course is fun and experiential. You'll put what you learn into practice in the group and in your life. You don't want to miss this!"

Isabel Campanelli
ProCore Construction

"You bring a holistic approach, and an awareness to self, surroundings, and experience that is quite unique, nice, and refreshing. Afterwards, I felt much more open, aware, confident, excited, and at peace."

Erin Coburn
CEO, Minimo Wine

"The program worth it to me because we got to practice in small groups with amazing peers. It was no coincidence that 4 out of 5 facilitators of our first big meetings were from the program, and that those meetings went so well that we were left dumbfounded."

Kyle Gaarder
Social Entrepreneur

"I love the fact that the process gave us a chance to connect with the invisible world, trust what we were sensing through our intuition and then combine it with our logic. It is a very grounding, practical process that I plan to incorporate in my projects and work."

Chingwell Mutombu
Women Rising Legacy Project