Spencer is an experienced coach and trainer with over a decade of experience guiding individuals and teams in manifesting their higher purpose. He is the founder of the nonprofit the Climate Wisdom Fellowship, a graduate of Pomona College’s interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis program, and a Certified Integral Facilitator.

Spencer was trained by several master teachers with an emphasis on somatic, experiential transformation, including, among others, Thomas Hubl & Diane Hamilton. He has over 20 years of practice in Hatha yoga and 15 years in Buddhist meditation and adult developmental theories.

Spencer has been passionate about team dynamics throughout his life starting with his time playing high-level soccer (ages 4 through collegiate) as well as in music, where the way that members connect and communicate is paramount to success. Spencer blends seriousness, play, spiritual development, embodiment, and grounded skill development to clear blocks and bring clients into a higher state of collaboration and alignment with their personal & organizational missions.

Spencer is an associate at the organizational development firm Delta Developmental, served for 5 years as the Community Director for a network of 17+ intentional communities, and for 10 years ran a design-build studio building custom spaces for private and corporate clients.

Outside of work, Spencer can be found making music with friends, hiking the California wildlands with his family, or building something with his hands in the studio.