Spencer is an experienced coach and trainer with over a decade of experience guiding individuals and teams in manifesting their higher purpose. He is the founder of the nonprofit the Climate Wisdom Fellowship, a graduate of Pomona College’s interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis program, and a Certified Integral Facilitator.

Spencer was trained by several master teachers with an emphasis on somatic, experiential transformation, including, among others, Thomas Hubl & Diane Hamilton. He has over 20 years of practice in Hatha yoga and 15 years in Buddhist meditation (Mahamudra/Zen) and adult developmental theories.

Spencer blends seriousness, play, spiritual development, embodiment, and grounded skill development to clear blocks and bring clients into a higher state of collaboration and alignment with their personal & organizational missions.

Outside of work, Spencer can be found making music with friends, hiking the California wildlands with his family, or building something with his hands in the studio.