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As your coach, I am committed to your personal and professional development beyond the stories that you tell yourself. I am committed to your full expression as a human being.

I believe that in order to be a fully activated and effective individual on the planet that we need to have three dimensions of ourselves online:

- A spacious mind
- A sense of inner wholeness
- A connection to our core purpose

With these in place, there is a strong foundation to build outward-facing skills of communication, conflict resolution, facilitation, leadership, etc.

A spacious mind is built through deepening in meditation and understanding the practices of concentration and insight. Being able to focus our minds is essential in the busyness of the world. We must find a ground of experience outside the moment-to-moment ups and downs of life. With access to this, we can be creative even in the midst of incredible uncertainty and intensity.

A sense of inner wholeness comes from reconnecting parts of ourselves that we pushed away in our past. In order to survive and receive the most love we could find, we all had to adapt in our family,  school, neighborhood, and society to what was expected of us. This integration work involves finding our way back to those vulnerable parts that we had to leave behind and invite them back into our lives through somatic coaching in a container of safety.

A connection to core purpose requires connecting to and deepening in our understanding of our life's "calling." There is a unique expression of life that is only yours to live. We can hear the whispers of this in our quiet, unguarded moments, especially in the wilderness. This is not a job title or role. This is an authentic way of being and acting that is a gift to all. The work of discovering and living from purpose is an essential element to a full life. Through purpose, you understand loss, grief, and hardship as unavoidable, growth-inducing opportunities rather than blocks to your expression.

I work with clients in containers of six-months of coaching. We meet together twice a month in scheduled 30-60 min sessions and outside of that have small micro-sessions as needed.

I support the fullness of my clients and value the close relationship in helping them to manifest their dreams through healing, learning new skills, and soul-searching. Reach out to me below for an intial conversation.

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