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As your coach, I am committed to your personal and professional development beyond limiting stories and throughout times of intense demands. I am committed to the full expression of your purpose and power in a container of personal relationship.

I work in a somatic, energetic, experiential style that helps you to fully inhabit your body in service of deepening your authentic influence. When energy is flowing freely in the body, relationship issues, leadership challenges, and creative projects become much easier to navigate since you have more space and awareness available vs. wrapped up in internally managing pain and tension.  

I also work with developing mental clarity through meditation as well as building outward-facing facilitation skills for dealing with conflict, communication, and team building. I support with clarifying purpose which is benefited by in-person components for leaders and teams in the wilderness as a part of a coaching track.

I work with clients in containers of six-months of coaching. We meet together either 1-2x/month in 30-60 min sessions and outside of that have small micro-sessions by phone as needed.

I support the fullness of my clients and value the close relationship in helping them to manifest their creative potential through healing, expanding, and learning new skills. Reach out to me below for an initial conversation.

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