In a consulting role, I work with you as a thought partner on the design of your business with an eye for optimal efficiency, cultural health, and execution on purpose.

I help clients with some of the following items:

- Navigating disagreement or tension between founders or within leadership team
- Creating a culture of trust and learning
- Creating the conditions for innovation to emerge
- Establishing processes for tracking and resolving conflicts across the organization
- High-performance teaming
- How to grow and mentor those around you
- Becoming a self-organizing organization
- Become a DDO 
- Navigating conversations around difference to spur creativity

This work is generally done on a retainer basis meeting monthly over the course of 6-18 months and sometimes much longer to continue to evolve the organization's capacities. I will often join offsites as a consultant and facilitator to support establishing healthy culture and thinking through key issues as the organization grows.

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