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What guides my work is the possibility of what I call a planetary wisdom civilization; a civilization that is deeply in tune with the planetary cycles, with the collective network of humanity, and with ourselves in all dimensions. In moving towards this kind of future, I am oriented towards supporting the expression of authentic power.

There are several, symbiotic dimensions of human growth necessary to attend to in our journey. When opened, these bring forth a quality of radical availability to life in service of all beings.

The core dimensions of human growth that I track include: awakening (recognizing the field of spacious awareness), integration (healing and reincorporating parts of ourselves that we have separated from through a process I call Somatic Presencing), and ensoulment (clarifying and bringing to fruition our unique gift into the world). There is also the fourth dimension of complexity (moving through stages of adult development) but I personally don't find this so effective to focus on directly and it so it exists in the background.

The Map

I use the following map to track particular domains of growth that are conducive to being of service to individual and group processes.

Individual work also needs to exist interwoven with collective work. We do not exist independent of all of humanity nor are we independent from the natural world; we made up of the world. We exist in a incredible, vast network of relations.

Many of us have never been a part of a high-performing culture where we experience both belonging and individuation. Much of my interest is on the collective level to support vibrant group dynamics.

The current challenges of humanity can be an incredible opportunity for growth towards entering a planetary wisdom civilization but it is by no means a given. Regardless, our lives are most enjoyable and meaningful when lived in service of others, giving our unique gift, and rested into a place of full, spaciousness awareness.

Lineages of Study:
I owe the inspiration of my work and the support in its unfolding to many fierce and loving individuals that I have had the honor to learn from. Here are some of my core mentors, teachers, and lineages of practice below:

- Thomas Huëbl (2010-present)- Process facilitation / Trauma healing / Mysticism / Somatics
- Diane Hamilton (2015-present) - Integral facilitation / Conflict Resolution / Zen
- Dan Brown / Dustin Diperna (2010 - present) - Tibetan Mahamudra/Dzogchen Buddhism
- Scott Blossom / Shadow Yoga (2010 - 2019) - Hatha Yoga
- David Worm / Bobby McFerrin (2015 - 2022) - Musical facilitation / Circlesinging
- Rob Mcnamara - (2010 - present)  Adult developmental psychology / Stage theories

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