I train within organizations as well as host public courses on healthy team dynamics and embodied leadership skills.

Current Public Trainings & Offerings:

Climate Wisdom Fellowship (Application closed. Cohort 2024 currently underway)
This is a five-month program for leaders in climate, regenerative, and social impact organizations.

Climate Wisdom Retreat (Application open. In-person retreat. July 18-21, Boonville, CA)
This is a four day, three night retreat in Northern California. The content is a blend of nature-connection, leadership training, and personal rejuvenation. Please visit link to learn more and apply.

Stewarding the Field (Applications open. Virtual training)
This is virtual training in groups of 5-10 comprised of individuals from around the world interested in honing their facilitation skills. I teach on various elements of facilitation and you practice steering a dynamic collective yourself with reflection from myself and peers. Click link to view overview PDF and use the form below to apply.

Organizational Trainings: 

Within organizations, I conduct leadership and management trainings on the topics of team dynamics, embodiment, working with conflict, instinct, and innovation.

This work is done in-person or virtually and ranges from short intensives to more developed training programs of 6-9 months that cover a full spectrum of group dynamics and individual work.

Reach out to me below to initiate a conversation on training needs for your organization.

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