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I train within organizations as well as host open courses under the name Enliven. Depending on the project and client need, I pull in other facilitators and collaborators from my network.

Within organizations, I train leadership and employee skills for innovation, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution. This work is done in-person or virtually on specific topics and ranges from short intensives to more developed training programs of 6-9 months that cover a full spectrum of group dynamics and individual work.

Elements of organizational trainings span:

- How to mentor and grow others around you
- Essentials of giving and receiving feedback
- Navigating difficult conversations
- Working with coherence and incoherence in group fields
- Harnessing conversations around difference to drive innovation
- Implementing creative interventions
- Understanding the signs of trauma
- Working with power and conflict
- Operating in self-organizing teams
- Creating the conditions for innovation

With open courses, I host mentorship-type groups for coaches, consultants, and facilitators as well as longer retreats.

These practitioner groups are a place to practice your edges in faclitation, receive feedback from myself and peers, discuss relevant resources and framings, and refine your way of effectively working with people as a support person for individuals and teams in your own practice.

Elements of open courses span:

- Preparing your body and mind to work with other nervous systems
- Reading energy in individuals and groups
- Balancing structure and improvisation
- Working with shadow
- Tracking aliveness
- Developing intuition and trust
- Understanding levels/stages of development
- Processes for mediating and unraveling conflict
- Leveraging your uniqueness to deliver value to your clients

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