I train within organizations as well as host public courses on healthy team dynamics and embodied leadership skills.

Public Trainings & Offerings:

Stewarding the Field (Applications closed. Virtual training. Started April 17th)
This is virtual training in groups of 5-10 comprised of individuals from around the world interested in honing their facilitation skills. I teach on various elements of facilitation and you will practice steering a dynamic collective yourself with reflection from myself and peers. Click the link above to view PDF overview and use this form to apply.

Climate Wisdom Fellowship (Application closed. Cohort 2024 currently underway)
This is a five-month program for leaders in climate, regenerative, and social impact organizations.

Pathways to Wholeness Retreat (Application open. In-person retreat. July 18-21, Boonville, CA)
This is a four-day, three-night retreat in Northern California. The content is a blend of nature-connection, leadership training in group dynamics, and personal rejuvenation. Please visit link to learn more and apply.

Organizational Trainings: 

Within organizations, I conduct leadership and management trainings on the topics of team dynamics, embodiment, working with conflict, instinct, and innovation.

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